We believe in diversity of cultures and the celebration of each. We believe in the redemptive power of Jesus and His message.

We are a collective of individuals who recognised a need for good quality education and have decided to take action.

We understand that well balanced, progressive and high quality education plays a vital role in a child’s development and as such have committed ourselves to the highest standards.

We believe that we can provide a solution that will give the students of Forest Ridge Private School an excellent educational foundation and the strength of character to take on an ever changing world.

We believe in keeping families together and strong by eliminating the need to send children to boarding school at an early age.

We believe that a good school, like a good family is one of the key building blocks of a resilient society, building bridges between individuals, fostering friendship and community.

We were founded in 2016. In 2017 we admitted our first 7 students into Gr RR to Grade 2 classes. In 2018 we added Grade 3 and Grade 4 and had 35 students attending our school.

Now in 2019 our third year of existence we added Grade 5 and have 56 students attending our school.

We aim to add a new grade every year until we are at Grade 7 in 2021.

We have been registered with the Department of Education (EMIS no: 200400633) and are currently in the process of being Umalusi Accredited



Principal: Deidre Gush
Administrative Manager: Megan Small
Board Representative: Gavin Small


We understand that many parents need to work full time and therefore we offer support for various needs.

We are open from 7:30 and close at 13:00.This allows for parents who are working to feel at ease knowing that their child is safe and being taken care of.

Please note that half day ends at 13:00. Any late pick-up will incur an additional fee. 

Forest Ridge Private School is open 4 terms a year running according to the South African school terms and holidays. Throughout the school terms we follow the school curriculum.

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